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I love design. It dose’t matter if it’s 3D, web, graphic design or furniture, I love all of it. I’m a certified media graphic designer and have studied 3D design, 3D movie production which led to my bachelor degree in character animation from University of Teesside.

I have five years work experience from the advertising industry in Bergen. Now I’m working as a motion graphic designer at Vizrt, while doing other projects as a 3D artist, animator and designer for Ståvo Studio.

Mats Bauge – 3D Generalist/3D Potato

In Norway, if someone have a wide variety of skills in some area, we call him a potato. Because you can use a potato in many different ways. The English definition on the other hand is:

“I’m a potato”
Saying this refers to the fact that someone is ugly, strange, and/ or fat.

You can also refer to someone as a potato if they are dull, uninteresting, or boring. Such as:
“Mary is such a potato”
“David asked me to prom, but he’s a potato so I’m not going”
“Our professor is such a potato.”
“Dude I’m a potato”

So in the Norwegian language I could call myself a 3D potato, but in fear of the misunderstandings I’ll call myself a 3D generalist.

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